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About me

You might tell wild stories about your origin, but as a sommelier I prefer to stay close to the truth. My conception was the result of pure coincidence, and its simplicity even so. The encounter with a stubborn cork nearly turned out fatal. After its extraction my spiral seemed to be benched, leaving me behind with an angle of exactly 13 degrees, pure coincidence. Lucky for me it didn’t mark the end of my career, on the contrary. I continued to be active in the extraction business, but far more successful than ever before. Now my power to extract is optimally divided over a vertical and horizontal axis, resulting in an essentially circular pull that easily removes the cork in a smooth and gentle way. A star is born. With a patent in addition. Yes, I am the 13 degrees Oblique.

Once an Oblique, always an Oblique



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13 Oblique takes data security very seriously, and has taken the most effective measures possible to keep your data safe.

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Should you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to take contact with 13 Oblique, that you can reach during normal offfice hours.

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